TL;DR: The Lightning Network can benefit all traders. Using it, traders can post less margin on trades, manage capital more efficiently and execute trades faster.

Over the last few months, Bitcoin Lightning Network nodes have grown in number and capacity, largely due to an enthusiastic user base of node runners, merchants, and an increased number of use cases. What’s also increasing is the number of traders. Let’s look at how the Lightning Network can be used in one of the most popular arbitrage trading strategies in crypto, the ‘cash and carry’ trade. …

The Lightning Network’s biggest selling point is its ability to dramatically improve UX (user experience), especially with cryptocurrency related services. An overlooked example would be transaction anxiety. Transaction anxiety is that feeling you get when you’re waiting for a transaction to confirm after paying a hefty transaction fee. In no time at all, you’re compulsively double-checking the deposit address to ensure it is the right one, and you’re sitting there in a pool of your own sweat worried-sick whether your transaction will ever get confirmed after you paid a substantial transaction fee.

Lightning gets rid of that anxiety by virtually…

Kollider is the first instantly p2p settled futures exchange that allows you to go in and out of a position in seconds straight from your Bitcoin wallet of choice.

You’re probably asking yourself: “What does this look like?”. Here is a little sneak peek.

In other words:

  • No more waiting to get funds on and off the exchange.
  • No more high transaction fees.
  • No more unnecessary liquidations due to not being able to top up margin fast enough.
  • Never risk more than you need!

We currently make this possible with the lightning network. But don’t worry, this is just…

In the context of trading, being first is everything. And on traditional exchanges, being first is often an advantage measured in microseconds. Unlike traditional exchanges, cryptocurrency exchanges often play both the role of the exchange and clearing member/house. This means that in many cases, the exchange both safeguards a traders funds, maintains the orderbook and acts as the main price discovery venue. Exposing a trader up to problems before they’ve even traded such as delayed access to market opportunities, slow settlement speed and counterparty risk.

In theory, these problems affect different types of traders in different ways. But theory only…

TL;DR: Kollider is using the lightning network to change the experience of how traders access cryptocurrency markets

Last week’s Gamestop headlines have shown us that traders are no longer just professionals. Whether it’s shares or derivatives, it’s become more convenient than ever to access markets. But has the experience for the retail trader actually improved?

Traditional Exchanges

Historically, the experience for a trader has improved dramatically. Picture yourself in Amsterdam in the early 1600s. You were limited to physically travelling to the exchange to buy a limited selection of commodities or later, ‘shares’ in overseas expeditions. The experience was slow and access was limited. You’d have had a similar experience if you lived in Japan during the 1700s and…


Building new ways to access cryptocurrency markets.

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