Kollider Lite: Trading is Easy Again

2 min readJan 24, 2022


Trading should be simple. Full stop.

That’s why we created Kollider Lite. With Lite, trading bitcoin derivatives is easier than ever.

Why Use Lite?

We’re not all professional traders that need 20 screens to make a single trade. For a lot of us, we just want to see prices and easily get into a position.

We made Lite for those of us who:

  • Desire something easy-to-understand
  • Want an intuitive way to buy or sell
  • Need only a basic price chart

Lite is Simple, Yet Powerful

In Lite, you can do everything within the “Order” tab.

You can do all of your trading within Order

At the top, you can select the product you want to trade using the dropdown (defaults to BTC/USD). In the middle, you can change the amount to invest and choose your leverage (defaults to 1x to help beginners). Finally, at the bottom, you can see what price you could buy or sell and execute your trade.

You can also withdraw any extra funds if you deposited money to Kollider.

See Your Competition Rank Easily

We have an ongoing competition. As you move towards the top of the rankings, Lite makes it easy to track your progress.

Participate in the Competition with Lite

WebLN Makes Lite Even Better

Using Kollider with Lightning and WebLN makes the experience seamless (but yes, you can still deposit bitcoin on-chain if you want).

You can use any of your favourite Lightning wallets:

Give Kollider Lite a try. If you have feature ideas or any way to make the experience even easier, let us know on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.




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