Trading 101: Learning Through Trading Competitions and $1 Bitcoin Contracts

2 min readJan 26, 2022


Today’s “Long Story Short” talks about why the upcoming trading competition is a great way to learn how to trade. Kollider’s series is purely educational and not investment advice. Please do your own research.

This will be one of our shortest Long Story Shorts, but it is one of our more important ones.

We’ve written very often about learning how to trade. From understanding one basic framework for market making to working with the more general minimum viable strategy to help you build your own signal-based trading system, we care about educating you as much as possible.

But We Can Only Show You the Door

We certainly try to lower all the hoops you have to jump through to even get to that door.

We’ve recently released Kollider Lite that makes it easy to take a simpler, directional taker approach with a streamlined UI. With Lightning Wallets and apps like Breez Wallet from your phone or Alby from your desktop, you don’t have to spin up your own Lightning node manually. You can simply get started with those and get to Kollider Lite or Kollider Pro, where pro lets you do more advanced actions in case you want to upskill.

Our $1 bitcoin contracts (and, at current prices, even smaller ETHUSD contracts) are tiny on purpose. As a Lightning startup, we have the luxury of keeping our minimum lot size micro, so that you can take much smaller risk as you practise your trading. This affords you to skip optimising your margin in the beginning and just go with tiny trades to train yourself.

You Have to Walk Through the Door

From manual trading to algorithmic (with our sample basic market-making bot here), you will still have to actually go through it yourself. We can teach you as much as we can in theory, but practice should be your ultimate teacher.

We recently announced a trading contest that’s going live soon, which we cheekily called our Tres Commas Trading Competition. This is us putting our money where our mouth is. As a small, younger company, every satoshi counts and this competition is no small amount.

We know that trading can have so much upside once you learn how to do it. And whether you’re a small-time trader, a node operator, a service that works between fiat and crypto, we know that Kollider could provide much direct value to you, but you’d need to learn how to execute your ideas on it.

We also know that trading is not without risks. And knowing our community, we know that every sat is equally important to you. With our mini-contracts, our “Long Story Short” educational material, and this competition, we hope you see less friction in getting started and finally taking the opportunity to learn by actually trading in practice.

And as always, you can ask us for help on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

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