Oh, the Volatility Outside is So Frightful. Is Hedging So Delightful?

Pepe is euphoric. Credit: Sir Fish.

Oh, is the Volatility Frightful?

Bitcoin Inverse Perpetual Swap?

  1. Let us use bitcoin instead of US dollars as margin.
  2. Denominate the contracts in US dollars.
  3. Give us prices as BTC/USD (the dollar cost of 1 bitcoin).
  4. Keep it as close to BTC/USD spot prices as much as possible.

How to Hedge With the Bitcoin Perpetual

  1. Contract Size. Exchanges typically have each contract represent $1 or $10.
  2. Price of Contract. The price we sell at will determine just how many contracts we need.

What If You Want Exposure to Volatility?

Oh, How Delightful




Building new ways to access cryptocurrency markets.

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Building new ways to access cryptocurrency markets.

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