Kollider Alpha Version H1

Kollider has made a number of exciting improvements for its latest release, so we are pleased to announce the release of Kollider Alpha version “H1”, in honour of the Large Hadron Collider, our namesake.

During the next few weeks, we will provide a brief overview of each of these features. We have also removed pre-signups for the Alpha testing program, so Kollider is available to everyone right now, so that you can try out all the features mentioned today.

Kollider H1 now includes:

💯 5 perpetual futures pairs.

🌉 On-chain and Lightning deposits (a bridge to move Bitcoin on-chain to the Lightning Network).

🤖 API for low-latency trading using both REST and websockets, natively supporting instant settlements.

🕹️ A Competition engine, capable of running a variety of trading competitions.

⚡ A Lightning Network native referral scheme. Refer a trade and stack sats!

⚡ Seamless integration to major Lightning Network wallets through WebLn including Breez and Blixt. (No QR codes required).


⚡ Real-time adjustable margin accounts. Top up instantly using Lightning at any time.

⚡ Automated Lightning Settlements.

📊 Real-time portfolio tracking.

☠️ A minimal market impact liquidation engine.

💸 Max position size of 1.5 million satoshis.

💨 A matching engine capable of processing ~ 2.5 million matches a second.

We are excited for you to give it a spin!

Have issues or feature requests? Need help getting started? Reach out to us and let us know! You can find us on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

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