Announcing Referral Rewards on Kollider

  • From your Kollider Pro settings dashboard, go to the Referral page: http://pro.staging.kollider.internal/dashboard/referrals.
  • Generate a referral link. You’ll get a link like this (note that example is not a real referral code): http://pro.staging.kollider.internal/invite/referral?referralCode=XyZ12aBc.
  • Give the referral link to your friend.
  • Have your friend register for an account using the link or the referral code, which is the last part of the link (XyZ12aBc in this example).
  • Terms and Conditions: Your referred person must use your referral code when they sign up in order to receive any referral rewards. You will receive 25% of the taker fee for each trade your referred person makes, rounded down to the nearest satoshi, for 90 days after registration. You can refer as many friends as you’d like.



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