A Love Letter: Insights for Manual Cryptocurrency Trading

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Start Simple

Let Time Give You Structure

  • Volume. What are the different amounts of total volume that go through each interval? How did these change over the last 2 weeks? How much volume in that 1-hour window is comparatively low volume? What about medium? High? Are there certain volume patterns in past hours that tend to correlate with their subsequent hourly volumes?
  • Prices. How does the price change from 1 hour to the next? What is a small movement? What is a big one? Does low volume show a different pattern of price changes from a larger volume? Are there certain price patterns in past hours that tend to correlate with their subsequent hourly price changes?
  • Seasonality. Does anything repeat over and over? Do they tend to repeat the same time of day or week? How much does the repetition hold? Is it fading?
  • Pattern Changes. If you look at another period of 2 weeks, say one from 3 months ago, do the 1-hour intervals show different patterns in volume, prices, seasonality, or anomaly?
  • Anomalies. Are there times when the patterns that often repeat with a high probability just break? Can you find other pieces of information outside of prices that might explain that (e.g., global events, some piece of news)? Could those anomalies give you insight into external factors that may affect your product?

Balance Your Expected Gains and Losses

Think In Maybes, Not Definitelies

Balance Probability With Action

Trade for as Long as Possible

Embrace What Makes Crypto Markets Special

Be Methodical and Improve

  1. Check relevant information.
  2. Predict the future direction.
  3. Look at their existing positions.
  4. Trade.
  5. Repeat.




Building new ways to access cryptocurrency markets.

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Building new ways to access cryptocurrency markets.

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