TL;DR: The Lightning Network can benefit all traders. Using it, traders can post less margin on trades, manage capital more efficiently and execute trades faster.

Over the last few months, Bitcoin Lightning Network nodes have grown in number and capacity, largely due to an enthusiastic user base of node runners…

The Lightning Network’s biggest selling point is its ability to dramatically improve UX (user experience), especially with cryptocurrency related services. An overlooked example would be transaction anxiety. Transaction anxiety is that feeling you get when you’re waiting for a transaction to confirm after paying a hefty transaction fee. …

Kollider is the first instantly p2p settled futures exchange that allows you to go in and out of a position in seconds straight from your Bitcoin wallet of choice.

You’re probably asking yourself: “What does this look like?”. Here is a little sneak peek.

In other words:

  • No more…

In the context of trading, being first is everything. And on traditional exchanges, being first is often an advantage measured in microseconds. Unlike traditional exchanges, cryptocurrency exchanges often play both the role of the exchange and clearing member/house. This means that in many cases, the exchange both safeguards a traders…

TL;DR: Kollider is using the lightning network to change the experience of how traders access cryptocurrency markets

Last week’s Gamestop headlines have shown us that traders are no longer just professionals. Whether it’s shares or derivatives, it’s become more convenient than ever to access markets. But has the experience for the retail trader actually improved?

Traditional Exchanges

Historically, the experience for a trader has improved dramatically. Picture yourself in…


Building new ways to access cryptocurrency markets.

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